As busy HR professionals, we all know that time is of the essence when it comes to recruiting top talent. With so many opportunities (and candidates) out there, it can be difficult to keep up with the constant flow of applications. If you’re like most businesses, you probably use a number of different tools to help manage your recruiting process. From applicant tracking systems to online vacancy databases, you have plenty of ways to search for job opportunities and applicants. However, what works best for one business may not work for another. That’s why we created these seven helpful tips that can help you recruitment automation software your recruiting process in order to speed up the hiring process and focus on growing your company instead of constantly refreshing job postings on social media.

Keep it simple

The best way to make your recruiting process easy and seamless is to keep it simple. When it comes to recruiting, the more things you complicate the process, the less likely it is to work. It’s better to spend a little time gathering information and then have a decision-maker focus on the talent you actually want on-site rather than having to sift through an overwhelming number of applications. Recruiterflow is the best for ATS recruitment process.Simple is best when it comes to your recruiting process. To get the most out of your recruiting processes, don’t add any extra steps to the process that may cause additional stress for candidates or hiring managers.

Use online databases

One of the best ways to organise and search for talent is with an online database. The more data you have at your disposal, the easier it is to make better and more accurate recruiting decisions. You’re able to sift through hundreds, or even thousands of resumes at a time. You can also filter by job category to find the ideal matches for your job postings. When you use an online database, you don’t have to spend time manually sorting through applications. You can create a pre-built list of keywords and email it to the appropriate person to start the hiring process.

Don’t share your contact list

One of the best ways to keep applications coming in and get the talent you want is to keep it private. If you use a job posting or email communication tool, it’s easy to share your contact list with others. This can lead to embarrassment, stress, and wasted time when you need it most. There are a number of ways to prevent this and keep applications private. The first is to use a burner account. A burner account is used to hold temporary jobs or temporary employment for up to 30 days without sharing the information with anyone. You can set up a burner account on any of the major social media platforms or by using an online service such as Hotmail or Gmail. You can also set up an email account for the burner account so that you won’t have to share your email with anyone.

Create a career announcement

One effective way to keep your recruiting process moving forward is to create a “career announcement” for your job postings. With a simple online announcement, you can create a short video, provide a detailed bio, and include any relevant links and information that will help the applicant fit the role. There are a number of different platforms you can use to publish a career announcement. You can publish it on YouTube, LinkedIn, or your website. You can also include the URL of the announcement in the body of an email to make it more visible. You can also link directly to the job posting, meaning the applicant will have no extra steps or interaction with you once they’re on-site.

Let applicants self-post

One of the best ways to prevent networking problems and make it through the application process unscathed is to let applicants self-post. Many job search engines, such as Indeed, allow you to follow up with an application after the fact. However, it’s better to take a proactive approach and set up an interview with an applicant earlier in the process. To prevent network problems and make it through the application process unscathed, consider setting up an interview with an applicant earlier in the process. If you’re in a pinch and there’s no way to set up an in-person interview, consider instead following up with a phone interview. There are a number of different platforms you can use to follow up with an interview. You can use a platform such as Zoom, which allows you to set up a video interview. You can also use an app like Zoom that allows you to record the phone call and send it to the employer at the same time.

Use email to communicate with applicants

One of the best ways to keep in touch with applicants while they’re looking for work is through email. With a simple email, you can set up a pre-recorded message that will play when an applicant watches your job posting. You can also include links to your job postings, application instructions, and other resources. You can also include your employment inquiries in the body of the email so that the reader doesn’t have to click through endless tabs or pages to get to your content.


Now that you know how to automate your recruiting process, you’ll be able to focus on growing your company instead of constantly refreshing job postings on social media.

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